First Agroecology Europe Forum in France

Agroecology Europe is an association which aims to promote agroecology in the farming and food sector and in the wider society. To move forward agroecology, the association will together with other NGOs, organise the first Agroecology Europe Forum, to take place 25-27 October at ISARA, in Lyon (France). The Forum is open to all kinds of actors and intends to foster interactions between various stakeholders such as scientists, practitioners, social movements, civil society and policy makers, by facilitating knowledge sharing and common action.

First agroecologt Europe Forum in France_Biokennis
Organisator Agroecology Europe

wo 25 oktober 2017 tot vr 27 oktober 2017

Locatie Lyon, France

The First Agroecology Europe Forum intends to bring together actors from a wide horizon, who want to share their views and knowledge to design the agricultural and food systems of tomorrow. Tackling challenges related to global change, environmental issues, consumer and citizen expectations require new knowledge and progress in agroecology. Therefore, innovation is required to develop integrative approaches which bridge existing gaps, to integrate different forms of knowledge from a broad variety of stakeholders, to create new initiatives, and to formulate policy recommendations for new pathways towards sustainable agricultural and food systems.

The Forum also aims at the creation of an inclusive European community of professionals, practitioners, and more generally societal stakeholders interested in agroecology.

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